A very quick update today.

Valerie and I are healthy and happy. Enjoying Valerie's completion of her masters degree in education! And I am getting ready to start a series of video blogs under the domain geezernerd.com.

I've also started my next book: "The Spiral Starway." I'm 17,000 words in, and adding a few thousand per week. This time I'm aiming for a first draft target of about 70,000 words. More details when I'm ready to share them. I'll hopefully be ready to start revising and prettying up the language in January or February.

Valerie and I will be traveling to Santa Fe and Fresno in the coming months, and closing the year out in Paris, along with my pal Archie and his family, most of whom will be visiting France for the first time.

And next week is the next Apple event. I don't have any predictions this time. Sorry!